Beer Warrior Brawl Results
Red SailOfficial · 31st Jul 2015
Red SailOfficial · 17th Jul 2015
Round 5 Rules!
Red SailOfficial · 17th Jul 2015
Post your Round 4 Scores
Red SailOfficial · 14th Jul 2015
Round 3 extension?
Red SailOfficial · 27th Jun 2015
Beer Warrior Brawl Results
Red SailOfficial 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 31st Jul 2015
Cheers Mechwarriors!
The Beer Warrior Brawl has come to an end. I want to personally thank all of you for participating. This is our 2[sup]nd[/sup] tournament we’ve run, and while we had our hic-ups, I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. Our goal is to mix things up and bring a new light to MWO. I hope all of you had fun in our crazy drunken brawl! We had a MASSIVE turnout that we never could have hoped for. Thank you all for giving us your time!
I also want to extend a personal thanks to all of our members who volunteered to ref matches. Without you, this tournament couldn’t have worked. Here’s to you!
I won’t make you wait any longer here are your final placements for the top 5 teams.
  1. Steel Jaguar (15pts)
  2. MechSpecs Madmen (13pts)
  3. Dire Situation (13pts)
  4. Team Name (12pts)
  5. Seraphim – Rising Storm (12pts)

(Some of you haven’t completed your matches yet. You were required to do so by last Sunday. I waited until Thursday. Not waiting any longer.)
Three cheers for our Beer Warrior Brawl champions, the Steel Jaguars! All of the teams showed talent and creativity with your builds. We threw every curve ball we could think of, and yet all of you found a way to prevail. We’ve seen matches more thrilling and interesting than any other tournament we’ve watched. From crazy comebacks, to outrageous strategies, to hilarious ties we witnessed a true Beer Warrior Brawl worthy of remembering.
Ideally, this tournament would have about 2 more rounds to fix all of the ties. But we have simply run out of time. We learned a lot this year on what we can do to make things better. And I hope you’ll forgive us if you were unsatisfied. We encourage any teams with ties to duke it out and let RedSail know how that ends up. Simply use any of the previous round conditions or conditions we didn’t use.
The Beer Warrior family sincerely would like to invite all of you to our ranks as honorary Beer Warriors. No we’re not telling you to leave your units. You are simply welcome to drink with us any day. We truly enjoyed meeting all of you and we’d love to continue shooting robots with you. Come say hi at!
We will be collecting all of the streams and recordings we have and posting them as soon as possible. So stay tuned!
So here’s to our victors, here’s to all of our participants, here’s to the Brawl.
Founder and Brewmaster of the Beer Warrior Gaming/Beer Community
  •     EDIT Antares Suicide Squad and 228-318 Wanna-Be's submitted their match after I made this post. The teams tied at 3 points which puts them at 2nd and 3rd place. I am checking to see if anyone streamed or recorded the match to confirm.

Once again, I wish we had 2 more rounds to sort out these super close placements. Honestly, it has been a close battle the whole way.

31st Jul 2015 tkospec5
this needs updated after ASS and 228 tied 3-3.
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