Beer Warrior Brawl Results
Red SailOfficial · 31st Jul 2015
Red SailOfficial · 17th Jul 2015
Round 5 Rules!
Red SailOfficial · 17th Jul 2015
Post your Round 4 Scores
Red SailOfficial · 14th Jul 2015
Round 3 extension?
Red SailOfficial · 27th Jun 2015
Post your Round 4 Scores
Red SailOfficial 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th Jul 2015
Post your scores quick guys! I'm going to try to submit them all tonight. Round 5 is the last round.
We are going to pick the top teams and face them off to get a clear winner. 

Round 5 info will hopefully be released tonight. So submit your scores asap!

Thank you for your participation! This was our second tournament and our 1st time trying this format out. We had a bunch of hic ups along the way but I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. All of you are welcome to hang with the Beer Warriors any time!


14th Jul 2015 DarkMajor21
Thank you very much for hosting this stuff! Me and my star(lance) have had an absolutely blast playing these matches. I look forward to next year.
14th Jul 2015 Solahma
It's been a hectic time to participate, but the matches I have been able to have been very fun. Love the idea of this tournament and certainly look forward to the next!
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