Beer Warrior Brawl Results
Red SailOfficial · 31st Jul 2015
Red SailOfficial · 17th Jul 2015
Round 5 Rules!
Red SailOfficial · 17th Jul 2015
Post your Round 4 Scores
Red SailOfficial · 14th Jul 2015
Round 3 extension?
Red SailOfficial · 27th Jun 2015
Round 3 extension?
Red SailOfficial 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Jun 2015
I guess people are having a hard time scheduling matches for some reason. 

So we're extending the cut off date from sunday to wednesday. 

Round 4 matches will begin wednesday of the following week.

Guys please remember youre supposed to schedule your match between wednesday and sunday. Like 3 teams actually scheduled their matches. Not sure what happened there.

1st Jul 2015 Krivvan
I think a couple teams, including ours, already played their matches and posted the results, they're just not recorded on challonge yet.
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