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Round 5 Rules!
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Welcome to the 2015 Beer Warrior Brawl MechWarrior: Online 4v4 Tournament.

This is a tournament designed to be fun for everyone. We hope to seek out the no-names, the misfits, and the underdogs. The rules are set up to put even the most experience pilots on their toes.

So read Read the rules carefully and sign up below.

The final Round of the Beer Warrior Brawl has begun! Round 5 will take place Wednesday through Sunday (22-26).

After round 5, any ties will be settled by Points Difference. This score is shown on Challonge. If you really want to settle it with a fight, the rules are 1 fight, random map, 275 tons, 20 mins, No Strikes. The 1st place spot may not end in a tie. If both teams end with 3 and 3. A sudden death round will occur until a team has won. Sudden death points do not count towards final score.

Round 5 conditions:
Game Mode: Beer Warrior Special
There are 4 classes. Only 1 mech per class and a mech may only bring 2 of a specific weapon.

  • Beam: All lasers including Tag
  • Ballistic: All ballistic weapons (excluding Gauss Riffle and AC/UAC/LBX 2)
  • Missile: all missile based weapons including narc
  • Sniper: PPC, Gauss, AC 2, UAC 2, LBX2

ER PPCs of any kind are NOT allowed. This pretty much means clans can't use PPCs. Any mech may bring flamers. No strikes.

(Obviously the clan weapons have the same restrictions. I don't believe there are any weapons that don't belong in a category. If you are confused about one, please ask!)

Map: River City
20 minutes
view mode: 1st person only

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