Beer Warrior Brawl Results
Red SailOfficial · 31st Jul 2015
Red SailOfficial · 17th Jul 2015
Round 5 Rules!
Red SailOfficial · 17th Jul 2015
Post your Round 4 Scores
Red SailOfficial · 14th Jul 2015
Round 3 extension?
Red SailOfficial · 27th Jun 2015
Gauss fight turned into actual brawl (video)
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29th Jun 2015

QQ defeated us 3-2 last night.  This was match 4...I don't know if anyone else had this issue in their matches but this is what 10 minutes of trying to kill each other without ammo left looks like.

Link:  Truly a brawl

Warning: Video is sped up at some parts to 2x speed since the ending probably lasted around 10 minutes in real time, MAY CAUSE DIZZINESS AND DEATH (well probably not death).

For those who are pansies and don't want to risk nausea watch the first minute, 3:15 until 3:22, then skip to 5:20 and watch until the end.

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